Sunday, June 15, 2008

Burnaby Joe Sweepstakes

As everyone knows, Joe Sakic is an unrestricted free agent. The soon to be 38 year old superstar had a shortened season with the Avalanche because of an injury that I am too lazy to research what it was. He missed almost 2/3 of the season, and only came back for the playoffs, where the injury bug struck his Avalanche again and they were manhandled by Detroit.

This blogger believes Sakic will come back. He's still got the talent and skill to play a few more years. He also probably wants to win another gold medal as CAPTAIN of Team Canada in 2010. He had a dissapointing season ... but two years ago, he scored 100 points!! 100 points when he was 36 that's insane. He'll be back.

I'd bet Josh's testicles that he stays with Colorado, but there have been reports from Harc that he will play his last few years near his home as a Canuck (This is equivalent to an E0)


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