Friday, April 11, 2008

What's Wrong With the Sens?

I have a test in 1.5 hours and i am looking for any excuse i can get not to study.

If you have read the papers or watched TV, most media sources have written off the senators at this point. The articles are dominated by words of "maturity" by Sidney Crosby and by the Geriatric miracle that is Gary Roberts.

The Senators have played terribly in the second half of this season. They started the season winning almost all of their first 20 games, and they rode that the rest of the way. But this is a team that went to the stanley cup finals last year. This is a team that picked up scoring depth in cory stillman at the deadline. How come they suck?

Maybe because Alfredson is injured. But i don't think it's just that. I believe they had game 1 jitters last game. Watch for them to actually show up tonight.

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