Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forsberg was a mistake

a big mistake. shoulda gone with joe sakic.

Sakic All time:
163 games and 180 points

Forsberg All Time
145 games and 166 points

but check this out...

TOI In yesterdays game
Sakic: 19:33
Forsberg: 21:29

Maybe the extra ice time that forsberg gets will help him in the long run. Even though Forsberg is on the 2nd line (and apparently Smyth is on the 3rd line). With Jacques Lemaire's line matching on sakic's line, they might be looking to shut down sakic in the next game because of his big performance last night. If Colorado is going to do well in game 2, it will have to come from Forsberg or Smyth's lines. Don't Fret all you forsberg pickers out there, our day of glory is still coming.

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