Friday, April 4, 2008

Playoff Ponderings

As the regular season winds down, a lot has been on my mind. The excitement of our 3rd Annual Playoff Hockey Pool has got me riled up, and if it wasn't for exams, I'd probably be researching every waking moment.

I have some random thoughts on what has happened and what will happened, along with my playoff predictions (My goal is to beat Maggie the Monkey in each round, a very challenging feat)

As you all probably know, the pitiful Calgary Flames have made the post season once again. Pitiful you ask? They did not clinch a spot by playing with heart/grit/playoff style hockey, but they clinched because of the timely demise of the Canucks that were put away by the Edmonton Oilers. I have a mixed feeling of joy and ... what's the word, doubt? I know this is supposed to be the year we win the cup (Prophecy dating back to 2005) But the way we've been playing, I am having doubts that we'll get past the first round. We have to bank on Colorado losing their next game, and then we can take down the Canucks on Saturday to ensure a playoff match with Minnesota, a playoff round that we have a high chance of winning.

However, if we lose, we play San Jose. It's sort of like the real life equivalent of a son or daughter making it into University, but then taking Physical Education as their degree. Sure, it's great that they are doing post secondary education, but phys ed probably on the lower end the respectable faculties (I am not trying to put down people in that faculty, I have met many wonderful people in it and they are all friendly and nice. Nothing against them)

They Key to Sucess for the Flames? Measured from Hella Unlikley to Chow yelling at Graham Likely.

Hudanglius stepping it up - Hella Unlikely
Kippersoft stepping it up - Doubt it
Rest of the Team Provides secondary scoring - VERY UNLIKLEY
Iginla shoulders the burden, single handedly wins us the game and we lose 4-1 to San Jose - Chow Yelling at Graham Likely

Playoff Picks Coming Soon!!!

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