Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Canucks Don't Deserve to Make the Playoffs

Canucks have proven over the last few weeks that even if they do make the playoffs, they won't have the determination to go very far. The Flames on the other hand, do deserve to make the playoffs. And it is quite likely they will make a splash in the playoffs. They have leadership and grit. Iginla is physical and willing to fight for his teamates. Naslund is Swedish, inconsisten and unconfident.

Interesting Fact: Only one team has ever won the stanley cup with a non-canadian captain: Mike Modano and the Dallas Stars with Bret Hull's infamous foot-in-the-crease goal.

Unfortunately for Canucks fans, they will have to take up non-playoff related hobbies such as trying to guess which players will be drafted. Should the Canucks try and drop below Edmonton to get a better draft pick? Certainly.

At the age of 13 I moved to Calgary and I have never looked back (except when i moved away from Calgary to live in Victoria for university). In the year 2004, I cheered against the Calgary Flames until the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For a brief seven game period, i was a Flames fan.

Today, I announce my allegiance to the Calgary Flames once again. If Vancouver does make the playoffs, i will cheer for them the same way that i cheer for Washington and Montreal.
But the Canucks are not my favorite choice. The Calgary Flames are mny highest hope for the 2008 stanley cup playoffs.

Also, in case you were wondering, the view from the bandwagon is very sweet.

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