Thursday, April 17, 2008

Double Trilogy Actors

As a brief off topic, this next post has got me thinking for a bit during exams. Sure a lot of actors play in sequals of hit films. The sequals aren't as good usually, but many actors will do it for the cash. The list of sequals is so long that it would take me probably a whole day to find out all the movies with sequels)

But even more rare are Trilogy's with the same actors in them (Terminator with Arnold, Matrix with Keenu, Spiderman with Tobey, X men with Hugh Jackman, American Pie with Sean William Scott)

But above that are the actors who have been in two trilogys! Holy crap can you even comprehend that. Not two XXX video trilogys, actual blockbuster movies. These actors are either extremely good, or extremely lucky. We'll start from the best to worst.

Harrison Ford
Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI
Indiana Jones 1, 2,3

Ok, has anyone played two iconic characters in a life time? Han Solo and Indiana Jones, probably one of the two most memorable characters ever created. I look at those movies and start to drool. With Indiana Jones four he has surpassed the double trilogy and has a trilogy and a quadology!!!!! I love him.

Matt Damon
Oceans 11,12,13
Bourne Identity, Supremecy, Ultimatum

Even though these movies are lower quality, it's still pretty impressive that he has been in such blockbusters. I've seen the bourne series back to back to back, and while they are good movies, they are actually the EXACT same movie each time. Bourne beats up some people with crazy kungfu, intense car scene in the mean time the government is trying to stop is and he is trying to find out by himself. I'm pretty sure Linus, the character he plays in Oceans movie is the most underrated character ever. He definitely gets overshadowed by Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
I read that he makes the most money for his income, now that's efficency. He's like the Mike Richards before he signed that outrageous contract and will start sucking in the next few years ...

Mike Myers
Austin Powers Series
Shrek 1,2,3

I hated all the Shreks. They aren't funny. They all suck. They try to hard with their jokes and I hate Cameron Diaz. She peaked 10 years ago with The Mask and There's Something about Mary. Austin Powers is ok because Elizabeth Hurley is so hot.

Orlando Bloom
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Pirates of the Carribean

Probably the luckiest of the four because his acting is terrible. Lord of the Rings is an instant classic, and I'll have to admit, Legolas was my favorite character. Pirates plummeted in quality after the first one and he only joined because of the money, but that's never a bad choice, got to feed the family and all. I dunno, I don't really like him.

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