Monday, March 31, 2008

Will Washington Make the Playoffs?

If Washington makes the playoffs, it will be very hard to give the Hart trophy to Jarome Iginla (or so Iginla claims). Many Flames fans are hoping that Washington does not make the playoffs, so Iginla can get his long deserverd Hart. But here is one good reason to hope Washington makes the playoffs: Ovechkin vs. Crosby in the first round.

With the Canadiens missing Koivu for the rest of the regular season, and Pittsburgh's hot play of late, it is almost certain that the Pen's will finish first in the East. They will play the last place team in the East. Washington is currently in 9th place. It would likely be one of the most exciting series of this years playoffs. The two best young players in hockey (three if you include Malkin) in the same series. Is it possible?

Right now Washington is three points behind Philly and Boston. All three teams have three games left. Washington does not play either Philly or Boston in their remaining games. It is unlikely that any team starring Chuck Kobasew can falter, so Boston will probably not drop. But Philly has a fairly tough schedule left. They play Pittsburgh, then NJ, then Pittsburgh again (although two of those games are home for Philly). Hopefully Washington can catch Philly or even Boston.

Carolina Hurricanes 79 42 31 6 90 242 239 23-12-4 19-19-2 7-2-1
Washington Capitals 79 40 31 8 88 231 228 20-15-3 20-16-5 8-2-0

But Maybe it is more likely that Washington Will catch Carolina. They still play one more game together on Tuesday night. If Washington can win that game in regulation, they stand a decent chance at finishing third place in the east (assuming Carolina doesn't win the rest of its games and Washington is perfect.) So who will Ovechkin play if his team finishes third place in the east?


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