Thursday, February 21, 2008

Canucks and Flames Games Left this Season

The Calgary Flames have won the season series over the Vancovuer Canucks by one point for the previous two seasons. So far this season, the canucks have won 4 of the first 5 games. The canucks have thus far taken 8 points from the flames, and the flames have taken 3 points from the canucks. If the canucks can muster one more win (OT or regular), the season series will finally be theirs. However, last year canucks were up 4-2, before the Flames came back and took the season series from them.

The Canucks and Flames haven't played since New Years Eve, and they don't play again until March 25th. For the past few season, the NHL schedulers have made sure to place several canucks/flames games over the christmas break. Likely because they are always very exciting games, and people are more inclined to watch hockey over the Christmas break for various reasons (time off, World Juniors dragging you in, etc.)

Remaining Games:

March 25th in Calgary
March 30th in Vancouver
April 5th in Vancouver (Final game of the season).

Imagine if the April 5th game determines who makes the playoffs between the two teams. It would bring back memories of the amazing series they had in 2003-04. I pray for the miracle that would allow the flames and canucks to finish 3rd and 6th.

Also, some people have been asking to see my Brian Burke article from November. It is located at the following link. The specific one you are looking for falls on the date of November 22:

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