Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shootout Specialists

Before I start on my pondering, I am definitely down for the Van vs Flames game. When do tickets go on sale? We should invite Josh too. Us three are a good group of hockey fans.

Anyways I think horsing around yesterday and came upon this article (I think on ESPN) on the best players in the league at the shootout. They even named it "shootout statistics"

Now, if they start putting these statistics up on NHL.com and not some American company run by Disney, how soon until teams start getting players designated for the shootout? I mean, apparently 1 in 10 games go into OT and then the shootout. That's quite a few, and all the points matter nowadays to get into the playoffs.

They should increase the shooting limit to 5 players each. I mean, even if you aren't a fan of the shootout, what's to hate about 5 players? And if you are a fan, you'll love it.

Now crappy/selfcentered/skilled/egobased players have a chance to make the NHL and EXCEL at something. ROBBIE SCHREMP MAY ACTUALLY MAKE THE OILERS TEAM. He can play 3 minutes a game on the 4th line and then try his ridiculous moves during the shootout. Players like Jussi Jokinen might be considered ultra valuable, and then players like Datsyuk would be superstar worthy.

I figure it's like the NBA in a way. You can make a decent living if you excel at one thing and one thing only, eg. 3 point shooting. In this case, it's excelling at the shootout?

Any suggestions?

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