Wednesday, December 5, 2007


He's back baby.

i have a feeling Brian Burke won't have too much trouble fitting him into the cap. Neidermyer has known all along that he would be returning, he just didn't know when the Ducks would have enough money to fit him in. This is the type of man Brian Burke is.... a genius.

why the fuck are the ducks paying their backup goalie 2.5 million. Some really sloppy offseason moves by Burke. But when your team wins the cup you have a little bit of leeway.

Well, with Neidermyer back, it is almost certain that the Ducks will now make a push for the cup. Hey Dallas, say goodbye to holding your division. I give it to the end of January for Anaheim to be back on top of the league.

What to do if Brian Burke isn't as much of a genius as i think he is: Trade Todd Marchant and his 2.5 million salaray... or just wave him. Wave Bertuzzi's four million or trade him to washington with a first round pick for a fourth round pick. Trade the backup goalie to Phoneix for Ilya Bryzgalov, whose hot streak is over. But i think Burke is a genius and won't need to make any stupid trades and hurt peoples feelings. Just my feeling by now shattering my dreams of the canucks winning the cup this year.

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