Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turris to Van and Crosby update

Working on two rumours here this hour. I got one source (Hal) telling me that Turris is coming to Van with Labarbera for Schneider and Oreo. Turris was practicing at UBC today so Mike Gillis and company would have had a chance to see him first-hand to decide if he could make an impact on this Canucks roster. There is another bogus rumour going around that Turris is trying to extract $4 million a season from the Coytotes. If this is true this is good news because any hesitation could mean Turris ends up in Van City. I'll pay the little bugger 3 million a season though because he's gonna take a hometown discount to play in BC.

I got my other source (Hosh saying) that Crosby is planning on announcing his retirement tomorow at 1230am EST and 1030am Mountain time.

I'm not sure if Hosh is legit. Firstly, Crosby has been significantly derailed by his concussion and it seems likely he will not be available to start the season. It seems unlikely he would hold a press conferene to announce that he won't start the season because its just too early. There are still steps for him to follow like attaining on ice workouts with hitting. This definitely should be on the radar by now.

I guess I could see Crosby retiring so the NHL actually has to do something about concussions. I hope not though. I need him in my hockey pool this year... he's my keeper.

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