Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eklund is such an idiot

But we already knew that. What did he do this time you ask? Two things:

1: He annoucnes that the Doughty deal is done just hours after the Russian Plane Crash. This is one of the biggest RFA's in the offseason that people have been waiting for all year. Even if the Doughty deal was done would LA announce it after that terrible news in the nhl? unlikely! So he knew he could get away with faking the Doughty announcement because of the tragedy in Russia.

2. Now Eklund is claiming that Semin is rumored to be going to Buffalo. The team that is already 4 million dollars over the salary cap is going to take on a 6 million dollar salary. Thats idiotic! If Semin actually ends up in Buffalo I will eat my own fesces. Its that unlikely.

Eklund you suck!


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