Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canucks So Far this summer

Obviously bieksa was huge! Lap Dog at low cap hit of 1 million per for two years is a smart move. Whether he plays third line or fourth line center, having his hits and his annoyingness will be worth the money... and if hes not we trade him.

Mark Mancari is a very big signing that probably offsets the loss of shirokov. He had 8 points in 20 games for the Sabres last season, but more impressively in the AHL he put up 32 goals in 56 games.

Gillis has about 4 million left in cap space once signing hansen and putting MayRay on the IR. who does he target as a ufa and try to sign?

Obviously Teemu Salami is at the top of that list, because the canucks are looking for a winger that can move up and down between the first and the second line, and hopefully become a stable linemate to Ryan Kesler on what could very soon become the Canucks top line. However after Selanee there is nobody talentwise in the pool which leads me to believe a trade could be sought.

Now forget Stamkos, ovechkin or parize. Nothing that drastic is going to happen. But two potential trade targets could be New York Rangers or the Edmonton Oilers.

On NY rangers the canucks will target Callahan and Dubinsky. If they fall short on that goal they can try and go for Brian Boyle who is a very tough player that can also score goals. If not then Gaborik could easily be pried away from Sather at the right price. Sather would be idiotic to trade Callahan or Doobie, but I have seen stupider things happen like the Canucks trading away Grabner.


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