Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best name for the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Voyageurs! For the logo you put a sideways headshhot of some lumberjack looking dude with a red touque on, the same way the Blackhawks jersey is a sideways look of an aboriginal. You could also do a Washington Capitals style where you just have nice lettering and font, and write the text "voyageurs" across the jersey. I like Voyageurs because it appeals to a minority culture within the city in the sense that its a french Canadian word, however the voyageurs are an item of great historical lore amongst Western Canadians. It's very geographically specific as something that used to occur on Manitoba land. Voyageurs were the people involved in the fur trade that were responsible for transporting the skins from the red river area back to the Atlantic Coast to get shipped back to the Mother Country. They were big burly bear men of the back country, that could grow beards that made king Leonidis from 300 look like a 12 year old school girl. The Winnipeg crew has to make the name the Voyagers.

If at first you don't
succeed,then don't try the mother eff'ing jets ever again. if we're going to name it the jets, why not go out there and get Ken Dryden out of retirement to lace them up again. then we can really relive the glory days of the jets. oh wait! the jets always sucked and don't have a rich history of memories. its time to forge a new identity within hockey, and a clean slate is needed as far as a symbol for the franchise.

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