Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Flames 2012 Roster

Given that the new salary cap has been set today, this is the best possible way for the flames to make use of that cap space.

Flames got 7 million dedicate to goalies in 2012. They have five defenceman making 19 million. They have 31 million tied up to 11 forwards. The flames need a couple more defenseman and a forward or two, and they have 57 million tied up doing this. This gives them 7 million in cap space. It is safe to give teams an extra 2 million in cap space, so we can give the flames 9 million to play with for the 2011-2012 season.

I say they likely spend the 3 million and call up kotalik from the farm. another three million to resign babchuk. let tanguay walk and fill out the final 3 million with young stud players. Nemisz and Lance Bouma are two players that could be called on and could be put on a steady rotation with other prospects from the farm, and even defenders such as keith seabrook. Hopefully Kotalik will go back to Europe and free up the cap space to resign tanguay.


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