Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winnipeg Jets

The Jets be back bitches. Although it's only verified by a Globe and Mail editor, we at BoWC are going full throttle in naming the JETS

From Best to Worst

Winnipeg Jets - Classic. There is no doubt in my mind and every Canadian out there that the soon-to-be Winnipeg Jets should be called the Winnipeg Jets.

Winnipeg Falcons - This name has been tossed around, and if the legal issues prevent the Jets name, I say go with Falcons

Winnipeg Thrashers - Atlanta-Calgary Flames. Atlanta-Winnipeg Thrashers?

All the three above are decent .... now the brutal ones:

Anything with Manitoba in it - It just doesn't sound right. If the owners had any common sense they would not use anything with Manitoba and especially not ...

Manitoba Moose - Currently, the AHL team and Vancouver Canuck affiliate. There have been talks that they would just adopt the name, in which case we will riot and burn Winnipeg to the ground. Better to not have a city at all than be named after a fucking moose. Can't get lamer than that, unless they named it the Manitoba Does

That's what happens to dumbass moose


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