Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sami Salo in for Game 6

With the news that Sami Salo is going to play Game 6, many are saying that this is a sign that the Canucks are ready to put a stangle-hold on the series tonight. Lets not get too excited! Salo will still be in the third defensive pairing, paired with Aaron Rome. It's not like Rome is going to be able to log any significant ice time, so why would Salo be able to as well. The first defensive pairing on the PP will stay Erhoff and Samuelsson after the goal Samuelsson had in OT last game. The second pairing is likely to be Edler and Bieksa, so Salo won't be getting any powerplay time.

In the regular season, Salo averaged 20 minutes and 20 seconds of time on ice per game. Tonight the only hope he has in reaching that will be if the game goes to overtime again. Don't get me wrong, Salo is a great player. However when you are talking about a third defensive pairing being the reason the Canucks will come to life tonight, you are so wrong. If the Canucks want to come to life tonight, it will be because the Sedin's finally realize its playoff time, the Canucks second line keeps up the solid work, and the canucks defense starts to hit the net with some point shots that are being screened (maybe Salo can play a role in this).

Otherwise this could be a long series for the Canucks, while the rest of the teams in the playoffs have the chance to rest up and await us to finish.


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