Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Poor Theo Fleury

Cam Cole of the Vanouver Sun recently wrote an article about how Theo Fleury is an innocent bystander of all the slime being thrown at him on Twitter. Well Theo Fleury, when you make a controversial statement that the Canucks will choke in the first round, you're going to get a lot of dirt being thrown your way. Obviously the sexual abuse, drug abuse and alchohol abuse will be brought into play when you make an extremely left field comment that Fleury did. It's just the nature of the fact that he has shared and opened up to these realities while at the same time making ridiculous comments through social media. Nobody has the balls to say this to Fleuries face, but if you wanted to you could find him in the washroom at the Cecil bar in calgary, promoting the opening of a new washroom stall this saturday evening.

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