Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bifugly vs. Bobby Poo

In one of the most anticipated matchups on the canucks calendar for 2011 (not as a benchmark but as a chance for revenge) the canucks will get to play Bifuglien. Since Bifugly has become a defender, the canucks will not see him in the crease challenging Luongo. Instead they will see him from the point taking big shots.

Byfuglien is an interesting character. since signing his contract in mid february he has scored 7 points. Before that he had 43 points and was talked about as a Norris candidate. Big Buff is so streaky and the Thrashers really should be given their heads a shake for signing Fugs to such a ridiculous contract. Its done now and now they will have to move on. whats likely to happen is that Quebec city or Winnipeg will have to deal with the contract in a few years.

for now, Bifugly is gonna put on his best face and try and score some goals, and maybe be half the man he was at the start of the season. It will be a good game against the Canucks. Prediction: Its going to be a blowout. the canucks will shit kick the thrash.

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