Friday, February 18, 2011

Flames Success

I believe the Flames still have an outside shot of making the playoffs. Sort of like me in our Fantasy Hockey Pool. I'm not too sure they can keep up this ridiculous pace for another month or so, but let's hope so.

I think the removing of Ales Kotareek was beneficial and everybody has been stepping up and chipping in.

I haven't liked Bourque's play of late. All he ever does is skate in on the right side and snap a shot right into the defenders legs. That's his patented move and I'm pretty sure people have caught on.

Otherwise I can't complain, we've been doing well.

Oh and Giordano is a stud. Last game vs Dallas, he jumped and gloved a puck being cleared and kept it in the Stars' blueline. He then proceeded to shoot it deep but it hit another player and was shot up again to clear the zone. Geodude would not have any of it and again jumped and smacked it down. All the Stars were signaling 'hand pass' , but Geodude again said "fuck this" and skated and dove to retrieve his own hand pass at the left face off circle. While he was diving to poke his hand pass to a teammate, he got a stick to the face and was bleeding all over the place.

In short, he gloved down two clearing attempts, hand passed to himself, made a dive and got hit in the face within 30 seconds.

I came.


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