Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Desperate Avs take a chance on Fleischman

There have been many trade rumours this week citing bieksa to washington for fleischmann. I am glad this trade didn't get pulled off because Fleischmann is troubled to score on one of the highest offensive producing teams in the league.

His 25 goals from last season look good, but his four goals so far this season looks terrible.

Colorado was desperate enough to take Fleischmann because Chris Stewart broke his hand in a fight against Kyle Brodziak. This is excactly why superstars shouldn't fight. Chris Stewart probably doesn't understand that he truly is a superstar in the NHL.

The avalanche are kinda fucked right now. Not only is C-stu injured but foote and Mr. Anderson are injured as well. Look for them to lose tonight against the red hot Thrashers.


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