Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Battle of Western Canada Competitive Once Again

Its on bitches! Only 2 teams in western Canada have what it takes to challenge for the right to the first overall draft pick. The nucks have now proven that they don't have what it takes despite a surprising effort early in the season. Now only 2 teams contend, the Flames and the Oilers. On paper, the Oil seem poised for a repeat with only 11 points in the season and a 2-5-3 record in their last 10 games. Compare this to Calgary's 14 points and 3-7-0 record in their last 10 games. But that recent record shows the Flames are making a push for shitty supremacy. Not to mention the ringers we just picked up trading Brett Sutter and Ian White... I mean Dion Phaneuf for Anton Babchuk and Tom Kostopoulos (isn't he the host of that show The Hour?). Oh yes, Edmonton should be scared.


...sorry I'm just mad cause Brett Sutter punched me in the face after he got traded

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  1. Yo flames just won 7-2 against the black whores though. could be TSN turning point of season