Tuesday, October 5, 2010

how the canucks will stay under the cap.

ok so. the canucks are 1.8 million over the salary cap. plus sami salo and alex burrows who make a combined 3.5 million can not go on injured reserved until after the first game of the season. so the canucks have to do something tricky to bring their roster down by 1.8 million in the meantime before the first game of the season. this is what they will do:

They will waive goalie cory schneider and forward mason raymond. reason being is that both are rfa's and can not be claimed off waivers by other teams. this will free up 3.4 million in cap space. then they will be replaced by cody hodgson and goalie eddie lack who combined make 1 million dollars.

boom!!!!we just saved 2.4 million in caps space. we will play one game without mason raymond which will suck, but at least cody hodgson will have a chance to play in the nhl for one game before the gets sent down to manitoba. And we have to prey to god that roberto luongo's sore groin doesnt act up and we have to put in eddie lack because he is not ready for play yet. then after the first game we will send eddie lack and hodgson down to the ahl and call up raymond and schneider who never really left but were watching the game from the pressbox all along.

Mike Gillis you are a genius! and so are u hark for figuring out his plan.

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