Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canucks and Flames

So far the Canucks have not had a great start going 2-3-2. But I am not worried. It is still very early in the season and the canucks have lots of time to turn it around. the canucks home record is decent sitting at 2-1-1. Plus daniel is averaging a goal a game so far, while henrik is on target to get 115 points this season. Luongo is inconsistent but at least he is playing excellent and terrible rather than purely mediocre like last season.

The flames have started going 3-2. yet they have recieved so much criticism from even their own media. Its funny that nobody has jumped on the flames are going to win the cup bandwagon yet with their good start. maybe if they can beat detroit tonight. But there is no doubt in my mind the flames will still choke this season. they are going to be too hardpressed for goals when it comes down to it. Iginlas production will drop off again. Jokinen will continue to do nothing. Morrison wont be able to score more than 20. The only person that can step up is bourque and right now sutter has him playing on the third line. Twice already this season the flames have been shutout. Eventually at some point this season i predict the trade iginla rumours will start. At around the trade deadline the flames should trade him to boston for their first round pick (which will be the first overall pick because the leafs will choke too and bostons first pick is the leafs pick), plus johnny boychuk, and blake wheeler. then they should also trade ian white and a third round pick for a first round pick to san jose. plus they should try and move langkow for a second round pick to some borderline playoff team out east like atlanta or florida. then they can fan tank in 2011-2012. and then they can win the stanley cup in 2016. so its a 5-6 year plan but i think it will work.


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