Friday, August 13, 2010

Three days left until kaberle ntc kicks in

Is this finally the time for kaberle to get moved? Brian burke has said that he is willing to trade tom-kabs. He has said so for two years. Tom kabs is the longest serving member of the maple leafs. Is that any way to treat your iron man?

Burke says six teams are interested and have put up substantial offers. What are these offers? Maybe a conditional fourth round pick in 2015.

All the speculation all summer about kaberle being traded has been to cause some hype over the name kaberle in hopes someone might give burke a big return. But nobody is desperate enough to give up a top six forward for tom kab. There's other players you could take in the short run and then sign tom kabs in the offseason when he's a ufa without losing a valuable forward.

Some toronto maple leafs fans are saying that they could do kaberle for bobby ryan, or kaberle for ryan malone. Yah fucking right! No gm in the league is stupid enough to give up a top six forward for kaberle and that's why tom kabs will still be a maple leaf next year because burke won't get the return he wants for his "world class" defenceman.

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