Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Predictions on 2010-11 division winners

Southeast- tampa bay- with the addition of gagner, plus downie and stamkos only getting better, tampa bay is going to be a team to contend with again. Over the next decade we might be able to expect victor hedman to develop into another lidstrom except with more physicality. With ohlund there to guide him he has a good mentor. Not to mention ryan malone who has more heart than most players in the league.

Northeast-boston- zdeno chara is the best defenceman in the league. Lucic is developing into one of the best power forwards. Plus they have two solid goaltenders in rask and thomas. Plus marc savard is one of the best pp players in the east if he can stay healthy.

Atlantic-pittsburgh-they have always been just an average regular season team. They have yet to win their division once in the past three years. Now that they have added michalek and martin they have more puck movement than before. Gonchar is out but he was injury prone anyway. Expect crosby to have another stellar year and hopefully malkin doesn't keep sucking.

Northwest-vancouver canucks- is there any debate on this one? Besides the oilers the canucks were the only team to improve this offseason in the nw. With hamhuis and ballard the canucks have much more physicality and puck movement. Colorado was the only other team in the nw to make the playoffs last year, and they tried very hard to miss the playoffs, but unfortunately were beat out by the flames who worked even harded at lose than the avs. The avs made no additions and have yet to resign peter mueller who they traded their leading goal scorer wolski away for last season. Canucks should cakewalk their division this year. It should make it easier to win the presidents trophy this year because because we play 6 inter-division games against very weak teams.

Pacific-LA- dough-boy is developing into the best defenseman in the game. Plus its a contract year for him, johnson and simmonds. This is going to be a big year for LA. They still have a lot of cap space left and I could still see them landing kovalchuk. With kovy they might win the cup, without him they should still win the division.

Central-detroit- detroit didn't get better but chicago got a hell of a lot worse. Its too bad chicago wasn't fiscally responsible because they had a chance to take the dynasty away from detroit. With needless signings like hossa and campbell, they are now unable to afford the depth players such as bifugly, ladd and versteeg who were the big reason chicago went far. Why do you need to sign campbell to such a huge long term contract when you have keith and seeb's? Why do you need to sign hosssa to a huge long term contract if he's going to play on the second line behind toews and kane? They plunged too hard into free agent frenzy and now they will pay the price.

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