Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Over/Under Game

Over/under is one of the best things ever invented. Would you gamble over/under with some of the following bets courtesy of BOWC:

73 games : For Chris Bosh to get fed up with living in the shadow of Wade and Lebronbron

123 games: Time it takes that Flames fans realize Mikael Backlund is the next Dustin Boyd

45: Points that Taylor Hall will get this season

7: Games into the season before Flames fans realize Jokinen sucks bad again

1,043,421: Amount of poon Lebron James will get in South Beach

51: Highest goal total of the 2010-2011 NHL season

115: Highest point total of the 2010-2011 NHL season

2: Number of playoff series the Canucks will win

8.5: Million dollar cap hit for Kolvachuk's new contract

945,523,686: Number of times Alex Burrows will be called a bitch by fans this season


  1. Chris bosh: over
    Backlund: over
    Taylor hall: under
    Jokinen: under
    Lebron: under
    Nhl goals: over
    Point total: under
    Canucks: over
    Kovalchuk: under
    Burrows: over

    Here's some more:

    Number of games before darryl gets fired: 92
    Amount of games left in the season when the flames are statistcally out of a playoff spot: 5
    Number of games rangkow plays this season: 41
    When willi mitchell signs a contract: september 1
    Bobby ryans annual hit: 4.75
    Canucks point total: 100

  2. Darryl firing: Under
    Out of playoff spot: Over
    Rangkow games: Under
    Willi Mitchell: Under
    Bobby Ryan: Over
    Point Total: Over