Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Canucks sign raffi torres

With two holes to be filled on the canucks third line, mike gillis went out and filled one of those holes yesterday.

Torres is a decent third liner. Last season he scored twenty goals on the BJ's before the trade deadline. This year he will get less icetime on the canucks, but with potential linemates of cody hodgson, jordan schroeder, sergei shirokov and manny malhotra we could see his production go up.

Torres has always been a canuck killer. In 06 he was always the best oiler to show up against the canucks. His career record playing on the road at gm place is 6 goals in 16 games. If we extrapolate that over a season he would be a 30 goal scorer without ever playing a game at home. He exhibits a condition called "honey-makes-me-money.". Its when you play good in specific cities because there is a hot girl that you know lives there and you know she is probably watching the game. Countless times torres has brought his "a" game into vancouver to score poon with his vancouver honey. All I have to say is that mike gillis's next move should be to buy raffi torres' honey some seasons tickets.

New ideal forward lines for 09/10:

Ir: burrows
Spares: shirokov,oreskovich, tambellini

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