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On kolvy

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You go to mcdonalds to get a big mac. You go to a car dealership to buy a car.  And if you are interested in capological issues, you come to BOWC and read posts by Hark.

Everyones well aware that kolvy's 17 year 102 million dollar deal was rejected by the nhl.  A less known fact is that before kolvy was traded from atlanta, waddell offered kolvy a 10 year 102 million dollar contract.  Kolvy's agent refused to take it because he wanted kolvy to test the free agent waters.  So atlanta traded him.  Only a team like atlanta that never pushes cap could afford to give kolvy such big money without having to worry about not being able to resign players in the future.  That's why new jersey essentially extended the contract for an extra seven years with minimal salaries to bring the average cap hit down and be able to afford to resign zach parize and replace Marty B one day.

Elliot Friedman reported that kolvy's agent overvalued the market for kolvy and that's why it was taking such a long time for him to sign.  Now kolvy's thinking why did I turn down the deal of a lifetime with the thrashers?  Now if he's going to sign with LA or NJ he's going to have to sign a 60 million dollar ten year contract and hope he can get resigned again when he's in his forties... Yah fucking right... Not even the khl will want you then kolvy.

Kolvy deserves what he is getting right now.  He turned down an organization that counted on him ahead of dany heatley and marian hossa.  He turned down the organization that gave him the room to become the elite player that he is today. And he's going to lose a lot of money because of it.  And he doesn't care about winning a cup, he's russian afterall.  All he cares about is money.  So suck it kolvy.  Go suck waddel's fat**** and beg him to sign you to a ten year 80 million dollar contract.  You'll be lucky to get that.

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