Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making Sense of the Flames TWo Signings

Obviously it is weird that Tanguay and Jokenin are both back in Calgary considered Tanguay requested a trade, and Jokenin was hated by everyone... but now they are back, and after going through denial at first ... this might be pretty sweet, mostly based on how much they are making. Tanguay is only make 1.7 million and Joke is making 3. Considering that Kotareek was making 3 million, and we all know how he turned out.

Tanguay will probably get within the 40-50 range which is amazing for 1.7 million. Joke will probably get within that range so is a little more pricey but still better than Kotareek. With the amount of money these guys are getting paid, and their POTENTIAL to produce, they aren't bad signings at all. Although Colby Armstrong is the shit, he is in no way worth 3 million a season

Tanguay - Joke - Iggy
Bourque - Stajan - Hagman
Langkow - Backlund - Glencross
Somebody - Somebody - Moss(TERRIBLE)

Regher - White (Hopefully
Jay Blow - Giordano
Staios - Sarich

Actually that's not a half bad team. Theoretically a lot of depth!!! But that's also what we said about the 2009-2010 Calgary Flames Team...


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