Thursday, November 19, 2009

why chicago is the best team in the league

6-2 in calgary was an awesome score. they got a top line with two of the best young snipers in the league in kane and toewes. their second line has bifugly who is a super pest and goal scorer, while versteeg, in his sophomore year, is scoring at an impressive pace. on D, they have some of the most underated players in the league mixed in with one of the most overated players in the league. seabrook, barker and keith are all tough guys that are capable of shutting down the leagues best. if they are unable to shut them down with skill, they can do it through intimidation and toughness. brian campbell was once a superstar in the boston, and since signing with chicago has not put up great numbers. and he is being outplayed by teammates that are paid quarter his salaray, but in clutch moments it will always be useful to turn to campbell, afterall he played his best hockey with buffalo in theplayoffs. and lets not forget that chicago has not even had hossa play for them yet. once hes back they are going to be scoring at a crazy pace.

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