Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Block Shots Like a Pro: with Sergei Samsonov

So many of you readers probably play hockey and are always looking for tips to improve your game. Well, you're in luck. Today I spoke with star forward Sergei Samsonov, and he gave me some tips about blocking shots which I will now share with you.

When an opposing player shoots the puck in your direction you should:

1. Freeze for a moment, thus screening your goalie
2. Scream in terror
3. Do what ever you have to to get the hell out of the way at the last second
4. Enjoy the respect of your fans, teammates, and coach

Sergei also drew this diagram to help you guys out.

Now there are many moves you can use when blocking shots, and different situations will call for different moves. Here are some of Sergei's favourite shot blocking poses.

So now you know how to block shots like an NHL pro. This is a very important part of hockey that doesn't get the same publicity that say goals and points will, but it can definitely earn you the respect of your teammates. But you won't make the NHL just sitting on your butt reading. Get out there and practise what you've learned! Good luck!



  1. yeah, there's a good reason why samsy's been around the league more than katie krenz. i only thought goal scoring was his problem. you can't expect sissy europeans to block shots. that should be left up to the 4th line grinders.

  2. The Superhero should be renamed 'The Bobby Orr'