Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Satan Would Indeed Work

Although Satan is downright awful, not evening managing 20 goals playing El Sid (Even an empty vitamin water bottle could score 20 goals with Crosby) I do think he'd be a pretty good pick up for the Flames.

His salary right now is 3.75 million which is tons, but the Flames would probably only have to pay less than a million dollars to have him play out the remaining season and playoffs. He could be a decent depth player in our already deep team. We wouldn't even have to trade Lombardi since he is on waivers.

He could fill the 3rd line scoring nicely.

However, maybe it would be smart to pick up a half reliable goaltender for a lower end draft pick.
Also, GR would probably singlehandledly will us to the Stanley Cup Finals

Stay tuned tomorrow for Trade Deadline Haikus (TDH). Better watch out TSN!


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