Thursday, March 26, 2009

Opportunity Round 3

Tonight the Canucks play the St Louis Blues in St. Louis. The Blues are a hot team of late, winning 6 of their last 10 and 2 in a row. It is amazing how well the blues are playing considering some of their best players are out. Erik Johnson (first round first overall in 2005), Paul Kariya, and Eric Brewer have not played hockey in a very long time. If they can squeak into the playoffs with this many injuries, imagine how good they will be next year if they can stay healthy. chicago and detroit might have some competition.

If the canucks win tonight, and the flames lose against the BJ's, then the canucks will be one point behind the flames with a game in hand.

Lets go canucks. Don't blow this opportunity to make it easy on yourselves like you always do.



  1. "You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?" - Lucy Liu

  2. "Yunno, for a second there ... yeah, I kinda did" - Roberto Luongo