Monday, March 30, 2009

Keys for Success in the Playoffs for the Flames

Now that the Flames are poised to make the playoffs, here are a few keys that I think will secure the Flames a deep playoff run:

1. Play of Mikka Kipprusoff
The Flames will go as far as Kippur can take them. He is what Luongo is to the Canucks, without Kippur there is no playoff run. With that said, I ask Mr. Kipprusoff to stop binge drinking and stop chain smoking so you can be in the best shape you can... I bet you.

2. Consistency in top two lines
With Olli Jokinen in the fold, the Flames now have two solid lines that can produce offense comparable to two first lines. Olli and Iggy and Bertuzzi will make a very strong first line that will be hard to play against as they are just BIG. Langkow Cammy and Nystrom will be a solid second line. Having Cammy on the second line will give the Flames very balanced scoring that will prove to be very helpful as they have an elite scorer against the opponenet's second line of defense.

3. Commitment to defense
Dion Phaneuf NEEEDS to commit to defense. An all star defenseman with Sheldon-Souray-esque Plus/Minus is unacceptable. Phaneuf absolutely has to stop rushing like he's a forward and commit to what he's good at, shooting from the point and not pinching the defense. Yes people are saying you're not producing as much cus you can't aim but that's fine, I'd much rather you have 10 points a year and a +30 than having 50 points a year and a -20.

I think that's all I have for now. Playoffs!!


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  1. Phanuef is just as good at rushing the puck as he is at shooting it. What he actually has to do is stay focused and work harder in the flames zone. Lately it seems like he just spaces out sometimes in our end and lets opposing forwards go right by him with the puck. Phanuef needs to work on his mental sharpness.