Friday, March 6, 2009

Flames 09/10

Right now, the flames have 15 players signed at 44 million. Typically, you want around 24 players on a team. Lets assume that cap space stays the same next year at 57 million (some analysts are predicting it will go down, but i'll give the flames the benefit of the doubt). So the question is, can the flames sign another 9 players with 13 million in cap space. first we have to determine what players they have to resign. You can probably find about 5 players to play at around $500, ooo, and these players will be your 4th liners and step in during times of injury. But the other 4 players are important to the team. These players would be Aucoin, langkow, bertuzzi and cammaleri.

aucoin is making 4 million right now. lets say you resign him for 2 million. We now have 8. 5 million dollars left to sign 3 players. If Bertuzzi is willing to stay for 2 million dollars, you have 6.5 to split between langkow and cammaleri. Cammaleri will want 4.5 million. and you will have 2 million left to sign langkow. langkow might be willing to play for 2 million. but realitistically you will have to lose one of langkow or bert becayse you can't cut aucoin, without finding another defenseman to complete your top 4 at the same price range, plus i have already assumed that you will cut warrener so you will probably need to keep aucoin. essentially, the flames are going to have to choose a player to cut, but they will still be a force to be reckoned with in the west.


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