Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Canuck Playoff Race Update

Today is Wednesday.

If you are a canucks fans things are looking good. last night you walked into dallas and beat them 5-2. daniel sedin took a vicious high stick and lost a couple teeth, then scored on the next shift before going to the dressing room to get stitched up (maybe a sister knows how to act like a brother sometimes). Then kesler took a high skate to the back of the head, but went on to score two goals later in the game.

We are now tied with the chicago blackwhores, and they play the san jose sharks tonight. Chi-town only has 3 wins in their past ten games and is looking sloppy. if they lose to SJ they will have no more games in hand on van.

after the flames win against detroit, which the flames called a breakthrough game, they are now playing the hottest team in the league... the pittsburgh penguins. hal, do u think crosby went to cowboys last night? do you think dion tried to steal the girl that he was dancing with? do you think mansob will find out about this?... anyways, if it truly was a breakthrough game the falmes should beat the pens tonight. that should seal the division. but i doubt it was a breakthrough game. osgood played terrible and he had to be pulled, the flames got lucky. i'm putting my money on pittsburgh for this one.



  1. Hey give the flames credit for taking advantage of osgood. If anyone's going to beat detroit in the playoffs thats exactly how they will do it.

  2. yeah, i hope edmonton makes the playoffs and plays detroit first round because if theres any team thats going to pull off the upset its MacTitty and his oil country. i could see osgood and the wings being a choke artist after winning the cup last year. they lost to oil first round a few years back when oil went to the final.