Sunday, March 1, 2009


Most analysts assume that it is just assumed that avery is going back to NY. When Dallas puts him on re-entry waivers tomorow teams will get a chance to claim him. They will give the worst team in the league a chance to claim him and then work their way up to the best team in the league. NY currently has 2 more points than the vancouver canucks so if the canucks lose tonight they will have the opportunity to take avery before NY. I want to calculate how much it will cost the canucks to take avery as a rental player, and then buy out his contract at the end of the year.

Avery is making 15.5 million for 4 years with Dallas. when dallas buys out his contract they will have to pay avery 2/3 of his remaining contract over the next 8 years. the team that picks avery up will only have to pay half of avery's remaining salary. This amounts to just under 2 million dollars for the next 4 years. but if you bring on avery and he is a complete mess to the team, this is how much it will cost to buyout avery at the end of the season. 12 million remaining on his 3 year contract (but dallas is paying half of that so you only have to pay 6 million. Buy that out (6 *(2/3) over the next 6 seasons. 4 million dollars over the next 6 years, starting at the beginning of next season. That would be a price of $666,666 over the next 6 years. I am not joking. Mathematics has proven that Sean Avery must be the devil.


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  1. Very interesting article. I like the math. I did not know when you buy out a player you have to pay it over double their contract length. Finances behind sports is neat. You should switch your major into that Hark.