Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 Worst Contracts in the NHL

10) Henrik Zetteberg - Detroit Red Wings
12 year, $65.5 million contract

I don't care if you're Henrik Zetterberg, signing a player to longer than a decade is outrageous, especially when he is already peaking at 27 years old. He probably has another 3-4 great years before he begins his decline. At least he is only making a 1million a year for the last two years of his contract

9) Dustin Penner - Edmonton Oilers
2 years left, $4.25 million/ year

26 points in 52 games. On pace for 41 points. That's an easy
Nice.... currently making $103,658 per point. (That reminds me, we should make an article on best point per salary players. That would be an interesting read)

8) Ron Hainsay - Atlanta Thrashers
Five years left, 4.5 million / year

The Thrashers are paying their defensemen only one million dollars less than their forwards. I think something is messed up with that franchise

7) Marian Gaborik - Minnesota Wild
???? years, $????

Normally it'd probably be a good deal, however we have to factor in the 'I love pulling my groin having sex with Demitra' card and realize he isn't worth it at all

6) Chris Drury - New York Rangers
Three more years, $21 million

Chris Drury is overrated leadership, overrated clutchness, overrated point producer. Both are American by the way.

5) Scott Gomez - New York Rangers
Five more years, $33.5 million

I hate Scott Gomez. He is awful and overrated and I can't believe he's making more money than Jarome Iginla

4) Wade Redden - New York Rangers
Five more years, $24.8 million

This article indirectly proved how dumb the GM of NYR is.

3) Vincent Lecavalier - Tampa Bay Lightening
11 more years, $85 million

Sure he's going to help Canada win a gold in the Vancity 2010 Olympics, but you don't sign players for more than a decade, damnit! It's too long, too many things can happen, you don't want to be stuck with the baggage.

2) Henrik and Daniel Sedin - Vancouver Canucks
???? years, ??? Million

Both twins will get a pay raise this summer and you can bet they will both go to the same team, hindering the financial capabilities of whatever team they go to (unless they go to Nashville)

1) Rick Dipietro - New York Islanders
12 more years, $4.5 million/year

Really ... could there be anyone else?

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