Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Digging in the vaults

After tonight's 10-2 stomping on the Oilers, I wondered what the biggest beatdown in NHL history was.


Apparently less than a year ago, in September, Slovakia (women's team) narrowly squeeked by Bulgaria 82 - 0 for the Olympic Qualifier.

They had 139 Shots compared to Bulgaria's 0

Bulgaria was down 31 - 0 by the end of the first

Here is the game if you care to watch:


Here is the Game Summary

The leading scorer on Slovakia had 17 points in the game.

This raises two questions:

1) Are video games unrealistic because it is impossible to run up the score 82 - 0 in NHL 2009? Can that be done?
2) What if Team Canada's women were to play Bulgaria? Can we get the lines on that? Could we break the triple digit score?


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