Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When canucks offered sundin his contract back in janauary, everyone knew it was for 20 million. but did you know there was a 5 million dollar signing bonus and a 5 million dollar bonus to play in 08-09? Thats 30 million now. But the extra 10 million has forfeited by sundins indecision. So sundin is obviously going somewhere where he has a chance to win the cup and is not conerned with money. Thank god toronto is out of the sweepstakes because they are not going to win the cup.

conspiracy theory: burke has been in talks with sundin since the summer, knowing full well that sundin would return to TO, he is just using the old scott neiderymer technique of contemplation of retirment, while also adding a new step which is training and contemplating which team he wants to go to. All garnering media attention and creating a lovely story for the toronto maple leafs to sell while making the playoffs this year. even though they will likely be demolished first round. If sundin ends up in Toronto, i am going to be so pissed off because he could have made that decision one year ago and not wasted everyones time with the Sundin indecision saga. While it did boost profits for TSN, it also boosted profits for Eklund. Where is the BOWC's profits? How come i have to live off KD while eklund eats chef boyardee?

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