Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Plan to Reinvigoratre the BOWC

Send Avery to Vancouver. It would be a Canucks bloggers dream. PLus the Dion vs. Avery rivalry would be intense. but avery could only turn down so many fights before everyone starts calling him a pussy boy. wait... he already is.

Maybe Avery is the perfect fall man. In LA, the team got rid of Avery because there was a lot of bad chemistry in the dressing room. They got rid of Avery by trading him to NY and the team still sucks today. Everyone though avery was at the heart of the suck but it turns out he wasn't. This year Dallas is last place in the west and all the players on the team are mad at avery. The stars went to the semis last year and looked to improve this year with richards and avery. but thanks to poor playing by Turko and other reasons the stars can not win. Avery takes the fall as being the reason for the poor play because you are not allowed to say bad things about a superstar goalie such as marty turko. Avery plays the fall man so other players on the team do not have to be beaten up by the media. its perfect. but nhl players are thick skinned and dont care about the media anyways.

Also kudos to Cory Schneider. He got his first win in the NHL the other day. He beat Minny 2-1. Do you play him again tonight against colorado? or do u go back to sanford and son? Its a tough call. I'd go with Schneebly just because i like heroic rookie stories. weve never had one in vancouver since bure and linden. we're long overdue.

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