Sunday, December 14, 2008

Canucks Sunday Ramblings

Last night canucks didnt show up in edmonton. but thats because they are saving their best game for tonight when i will be in attendance against the panthers. sanford played good in edmonton, but i wouldn't be surprised if they played schneider considering the nucks are playing two games in a row. florida is apparently having a really hot road trip right now. but the canucks have won the last 5 games that i have been in attendance.

Sundin: apparently chicago can be removed from the list of suitors. Their GM said he is not interested. Toronto has already said they are not interested, so there goes two teams of my poll. Al Strachan on HNIC said that the canucks are interested in signing both hossa and gaborik this offseason to play with demitra. i think thats a stupid idea. we gotta resign the sedin sisters and not take a gamble on injury prone gaborik considering that pavol demitra is so injury prone himself.

demitra is pretty much the same player as naslund. some games hes completely non-existent, and other games he shows flashes of brilliance. the only problem with demitra is that you have to assume he will only play 60 games a season.

todd bertuzzi music video:


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