Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Step-up Factor

When Crosby got injured last season it gave Malkin the chance to step-up. He elevated his game to a level higher than when he played with crosby. Then when crosby came back from injury they were the deadliest combo in the league.

what are the odds that luongo's injury will provide a step-up factor for the canucks? Curtis Sanford is 3-1 this season. His save percentage is .919 and his gaa is 2.33. These are pretty good numbers. If he could maintain them over the next few weeks while Luongo's gone the Canucks could continue on this roll. He would also give himself a huge value for next season when his UFA status is up.

There will also be more pressure on the defense to step up. Bieksa will be forced to control his blunders because he does not have Luongo backing him up any longer. The defense will be tighter and this will mean less pinching in on the offensive rushes.

So therefore, the forwards will have to step-up as well. Scoring more goals to make up for the defenseman that are not willing to jump on the rush as frequently with Sanford in net.

I hope lou is back soon.


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