Monday, November 17, 2008

Flames lose 11-6 to the Townsend Tigers

Believe it or not, Kipper wasn't in net.

No, Keenan felt it was time to give someone else a crack after Kipper's recent performances, namely Todd Bertuzzi and a selection of other forwards. Unfortunately Todd's numerous desperation saves were not enough, nor was the hat trick by a very determined Dion Phanuef. Nope, the Flames have hit rock bottom. The Townsend Tigers may be a good team, but the bottom line is they are a team of under 18 year olds in wheelchairs. Good for them, but the Flames can safely call it quits this year.

On a lighter note, I know you readers have probably been dying to hear how Marcus Nilson has been lighting up the Continental Hockey League since he left Calgary. Well both of you will be delighted to hear he currently has an astounding 1 goal and 0 assists in 10 games with his team, the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv. Keep up the good work, Nilson!

By the way, I am a new writer, and former reader of this blog. That makes this one of the few blogs with the distinction of having more writers than readers. Don't expect me to write too often, think of it as one of those things you can really look forward to, like Christmas, or, more appropriately significant, the second birth of Christ.

Anyway, you can all call me Hosh, though I'm sure you know my real name anyway.

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  1. was steve moore on the tigers? If so, did he and bertuzzi fight?