Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hark's recent post about the Step Up Factor got me thinking ... what are other factors that distinguish players from each other and what significance does it hold for the team in general

Step Up Factor

As mentioned by Hark, this is really important and could make or break a team. Malkin ascended into superstardom because of his off the charts Step Up Factor when Crosby got hurt. As well, Ty Conklin also stepped up and posted an amazing record for the injured Marc Andre Fleury. Now he is playing in Detroit backing up the best team in the league (well, second if you count San Jose)

Can the Nucks Step up Without Luongo?

Players who suck at stepping up:

Kristian Hudanglius
Kevin Weekes and the other goalie for New Jersey
Joe Thornton

Clutchness Factor
Clutchness is sort of like Stepped Up , but even more amped up. In the pressure situations when your team needs you most, you preform and become the hero. Clutchness is sort of like Step Up factor, but the time frame is less, usually within a span of a month (in playoffs) or a few games, whereas stepping up requires you to elevate your play for prolonged periods of time.

Players who are clutch:
Joe Sakic
Jarome Iginla

Players who aren't clutch:
O Bryan (i think) on montreal who scored on his own net during a delayed penalty call)
Most Europeans - Marion Gaborik
Malkin in the finals last year

The Money Factor

Money factor usually effects a team negatively. These players will play hard and preform well during a contract year to increase their wage during free agent frenzy. However, after they sign their contract their play shoots down their drain and get harassed by the TSN panel for the following years to come.

Players who have shown the Money Factor
Jose Theodore (twice)
Sergei Samsonov

- Hal

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