Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Luongo gets the 'C'

With the dawning realization that Mats Sundin will not be a Canuck this year, the Canucks only have one potential glimmer of hope this season besides a mid-season trade. This glimmer of hope is named Roberto Luongo. At times in his career Luongo has been a vezina trophy candidate. Last season, he blew chunks; but maybe that was due to injuries.

By giving Luongo the C, you give the only one player that has the potential to allow this team to make the playoffs your captain. Luongo is a hot-bed of confidence. He is honest in his analyzation of his own play. He talks to the media with commital answers. He's tough (one of the few goalies in the league that doesn't wear a neck guard despite being hit numerous times in the neck with the puck.) If it's true that young players look up to their captain, then the Canucks management have chosen an amazing exemplary player to lead the team. Markus Naslund was a weak, inconsistent, unconfident, bag of European garbage in his last two years in Van city. There has definitely been an improve in leadership by this move.

That being said, the Canucks did not deliver any impact players to their offence during the off-season, so the burden will lie mainly in Luongo's goaltending. Goaltenders can win games for their team. 90% of the time, if Canucks can score three goals in a game, they will be able to win. A healthy Luongo rarely lets in more than 2 goals. But scoring 3 goals a game will not be easy for the Canucks. They will need players to step it up and have break-through seasons. Young players have been able to have an impact on the roster, like Sam Gagner last season. If Canucks get 2 Sam Gagner caliber surprises, then they will be able to make the playoffs. But its Fairly unlikely.

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