Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cherepanov Dies in KHL Game

Here is footage from his final shift. He is wearing number 7 in white. If you freeeze the video at 1:03, you can see the player sitting next to Jagr with his head down, and Jagr standing up to yell something (maybe to get help.)

there has been a lot of false media reported on this subject so far. I heard some rumours that he had a colllision with JAgr before he went to the bench. I have also heard that he had a 2 on 1 with jagr, that failed. I don't see either of these within the camera footage of his final shift. His agent reported that Cherepanov had no health conditions, yet we are finding out that he had a heart condition. Some sources are saying that Cherepanov was revived in the dressing room for a short while, before he died.

footage on youtube of the medical staff treating the collapsed cherapanov on the bench, is also available. technological access is quite amazing these days. When a sports star dies, it is ineveitable that this footage will end up on youtube. i don't see anything wrong with this, it is just something sports stars and the public have to accept in a technological age. But i don't feel like posting that footage on my website, because its in bad taste.

I find it interesting that Jagr was playing on the same team as Cherapanov. It would have been interesting to see if cherapanov ever came to America. If the talk was true that he was never going to leave because of the transfer agreement, then the KHL has just seen an enormous dent in the future of their league. Cherapanov would have certainly developed into the best player in the KHL, considering his numbers at such a young age. 29 points in 47 games at the age of 17. 12 points in 14 games at the age of 19.


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