Monday, July 7, 2008

Will Bertuzzi Visit the Stampede?

The Calgary Flames most hated player has, at long last, joined the team. Todd Bertuzzi.


I have been gunning for this free agent signing ever since Brian 'The Dumbass' Burke placed him on waivers.

Sutter has finally delivered.

If you read the Haikus, you will notice I've been wanting Bertuzzi here for quite some time.

While he may not put up the monster numbers he did back in Vancouver, I still expect Bert to get around 50-60 points, and at 2 million dollars for one season, I think this is an amazing signing. He essentially replaces Nolan, who had 32 points and is now commanding 2.75 million.

To make matters even better, the best captain in the NHL (aside from Joe Sakic since he hasn't resigned yet) was supporting the 'Bring Bert to the Stampede' gig to Sutter. If Iggy believes in him, who are we not to?

I went from hating this team, to absolutely loving it. Honestly, Bertuzzi can play in our system, and I think he'll be a huge part of the powerplay.

Still, I'm sure there will be tons of line shuffling during the season, but as of right now, it seems best that Todd plays on the 2nd line.

Cammaleri - Langkow - Iginla
Glencross - Lombardi - Bertuzzi
Bourque - Conroy - Boyd
Moss - Primeau - Prust

That's actually a really good lineup. Of course, it's subject to heavy change, with Bertuzzi getting a chance with Iggy, which would be awesome. I really like Glencross and how he played for Edmonton so I stuck him on the 2nd line with Lombardi.
We could even shake things up and put Langkow and Iggy first line, with Cammaleri centering Bertuzzi on the second.

The team still depends heavily on the young guys: Glencross, Boyd, Moss, Bourque, Prust, Cammaleri, Giordano but with this one addition, I think we'll be a pretty challenging team to play against.

Here's hoping that Bertuzzi returns back to form.

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