Friday, July 11, 2008

The Sad State of Hockey Journalism in Canada

Recently the Calgary Flames signed former super-star power forward Todd Bertuzzi to a one year contract. The Calgary Herald, which usually is a patriotic Flame paper, decided to run a majority of articles bashing Bertuzzi. Some think that this might be the Todd Bertuzzi story; but it truly isn't.

The Calgary papers want to run the Todd Bertuzzi story. There are 2 possibilities of what the Todd Bertuzzi story will be.

1)Todd Bertuzzi sucks and doesn't deserver to be a flame. Then a few months into the season a confirmation that Todd Bertuzzi sucks because he's not scoring. Then ignore him for a while but criticize Darryl Sutter. And then several months of trade rumours about Bertuzzi.


2) Todd Bertuzzi sucks. Then at the start of the season: Todd Bertuzzi is amazing and producing far beyond what most thought he could. Bert is really meshing well with the team and the Flames have a steal of a deal. they just might have what it takes to win the cup.

This is typical Toronto Star Media. Instead of cheering on the team and being patriotic, they sell a story that sells papers and can be dragged on for months. Look at how long Toronto was able to drag on the Mats Sundin rumours about a trade deadline deal, when it was quite apparent that Sundin did not want to wave his no trade clause at the deadline.

But the media will not change, because they don't care about the true fans, they just care about the everyday reader. That's why true fans of the calgary flames and the vancouver canucks read this blog.


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